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SPORT LEGAL, s.r.o. (Ltd.) is a company that is primarily dedicated to publishing publications on athletes and things related to sports. We started publishing books about Slovak sports legends.

Among them is, among others, Ladislav KUBALA (born in Budapest but with Slovak parents, had a Slovak wife, firstborn son - Branko, was born in Slovakia and did not call his father, but as Mrs. Kubalová said, he had a Slovak name, his first representative the jersey was Slovak, not to mention that he played for the Bratislava club) and Ferdinand DAUČÍK (who discovered Ladislav Kubala in Budapest and caught up as a repatriate - he had Slovak parents, so he could change his citizenship from Hungarian to Slovak, coached him, introduced his sister to him , who later became his wife and had three children with her, locked him up and he and his wife escaped and through his team reached Barcelona, ​​where she is her second most successful coach in terms of winning trophies).

As part of our sports interests, we have offered FC Barcelona a "WHERE DREAMS LIVE" edition project

What to add more? Just THANK YOU FC BARCELONA.

Our books have all copyrights paid for and legally resolved.

We publish them on quality paper, so you may not like some things at first glance, but we have chosen this path.

So what if we release them and you are interested in them?

Write to us at info@sportlegal.com or visit our sales portal www.emadeforyou.com via the basket and we will send them to you. Anywhere in the world.

Vac in the Penyes, Book stores or Private section, depending on who you are and what you are entitled to and what the shipping costs are.